Daniel Avens & The Cascading Waters are now on the road.
Come see the show!

Picture by Simon Abele ©


Tour dates

Past shows:

Sat 07 May 2022Lindau DECleanUP Days Bodensee
Wed 15 June 2022Füssen DEat Weinkost Berger
Sat 09 July 2022Kempten DECleanUP Days Allgäu at Künstlerhausw/ Black Sea Dahu
Fri 22 July 2022Füssen DEat Pineapple Clubw/ Aphrodised
Sat 30 July 2022Innsbruck ATCleanUP Days Tirol at Patagonia Store Ibkw/ Helianth
Fri 09 Sept. 2022St. Gallenkirch ATCleanUP Days Montafon at Piz Garden Schruns
Fri 16. Sept. 2022Kreuzlingen CHat Horst Klub
Fri. 28. Oct. 2022Füssen DEEngel Moden Store Gig
Sat 29. Oct. 2022Rosenheim DEat Astaw/ Jakomo
Sat. 10. Dec. 2022Kempten DEPiepmatz Store
Sat. 17. Dec. 2022Füssen, DEat Weinkost Berger Lechhalde 1 (new Location)ALBUM RELEASE
Fri. 13. Jan. 2023Munich, DETempleton Store Baaderstraße 15

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